4th May ❀ Great food walk across the Mediterranean ❀

Can you believe that it's nearly May?

Enjoy with Melting Pot a eclectic and great food walk across the Mediterranean!

Spanish amazing and wonderful Supper Club. The Melting Pot is a foodies dream for adventurous eaters. We wanted to create more than just a traditional dining experience; a place for us to express our passion for food and invite you to join us on a culinary voyage to arouse the senses, enjoying the warmth of conversation just as much as the culturally diverse cuisine.

The menu – 4th May
*Wellcome drink Sangria*

*Spanish touch, Salad Potatoes, roasted Pepper, Egg, Olives and Mustard*

*Garden Pea Soup*

*Bittersweet Prawns*

*Veggies Cuscus*

*Chantilly aux Framboises*

*Coffee or tea and "petit fours"*

• The Melting Pot is running once weekly on Saturday.
• Approximate location: Chalk Farm (2 minutes from the station)

What time?
• The supper starts from 7.30 to 11pm
• Suggested donation for five "gourmet" courses-menu £35
• Number of guests 16

Get in touch for reservations!   

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