27th April ♥ Spring is in the air ♥ Melting Pot Supper Club London

I look out of my window and say "such a good day for feeling free and beauty"

My old shoes bring me out, along the streets like a homeless. The renewed season have a great power, suddenly, I feel alive and renovate.

I remember past Springs... 

Child memories about ants, dragonflies, bees and varied insect wildlife. Climbing trees. New chlorophyll leaves and wild blossom in the air. Love and romance.

Someone can tell; what makes spring awesome or awful for romance?  not only do I think, that when you feel the first Spring breath, your heart is touched... the sun first rays open the love chakra and you get lost.

I breath in and out, and the inspiration came. I am going to do the planning for the Melting Pot Supper Club menu for the next event!! How exiting!!

Spring, la lala la lala lala
♫♫  ♫♫  ♫   ♫
In Spanish we say "la primavera la sangre altera" It means literary that the Spring makes your blood goes crazy (more or less), so I was wondering if there is any saying like this in English...

Thanks and have a happy Spring!
The menu - 27th April

* Wellcome drink * 

* Watercress Salad, Roasted Aubergine, Caramelised Goats Cheese, Figs and fragrant Rosemary *

* Tomato Soup, Prawns, Scallops, Aromatised with Time and Parsley Olive Oil *

* Spanish Style Meatballs (organic pork & lamb meat) *

* Tuna Tartare, Avocado, Cucumber, Spinach and Carrot Pearls *

* Papaya & Mango Soup with Strawberries and Passion Fruit *
                       * Coffee or tea and "petit fours" *

Get in touch for reservations!   

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• The Melting Pot is running once weekly on Saturday.

• Approximate location: Chalk Farm (2 minutes to the station)

What time?
• The supper starts from 7.30 to 11pm


• Suggested donation for five "gourmet" courses-menu £35

• Number of guests 16

Remember to also let us know of any allergies or food intolerance, so that we can create the perfect meal for you!

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