I believe in collaboration over competition!

Where can you find an amazing must-go place in London?  If you have this question, I have an amazing suggestion,

 - Go to Scratch Secret Suppers! 

Michelle and Jane, the organizers, know how to create   more than a food friendly event.

I had the pleasure to meet them in an event planned by Eventbrite for supper club organizers (great event, too). Lucky me! I was seated next to them.

I have just started to run my own new supper club in London, Melting Pot Supper Club, and I am trying to succeed.  I am very  impressed with the creativity and professionalism of Supper Clubs, Undergrounds Restaurants and Pop Ups. London explodes the creativity.

-But, what happens with the Scratch!?

The Scratch girls make great food, more than great, stunning! ten out of ten! The same quality that you can find in a fine restaurant. Great foodie experience. As a guest, you can feel a subtle energy that you normally don't notice in a restaurant. - I would like to know more about yours stories, girls!

The house is beautiful and "chic",I adore your natural elegance. - Oooh, such a precious napkins!  The kitchen is open and visible to guests and you can see them with a lovely pink apron preparing the dishes.

My friends and people in general are very impressed about the fact that another supper club invited me. This fact shows how friendly, kind and sure about their Supper club are the Scratch girls. I believe in collaboration over competition. I love people who open to share ideas, when the global dinamic is competitive and isolated, neither collaborative nor social. I say this because that's the impression many people still have, but, fortunately, not always is true.

My experience with my table mates was wonderful, how lovely and interesting  they were and make a big effort trying to understand my clumsy English.

Thank you Michelle and Jane for the invitation!

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